Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Earth

Another Earth...wow...something I have never seen before but so beautifully done, the shots and pauses really the dialogue of this movie.  Not to mention written and starring the same beautiful woman, but for me that also adds to how interesting and good this movie is. 

Another Earth is about a young high school graduate that has her whole bright white blonde beautiful model life ahead of her because she is super smart.  Her plans to college are set and the future will happen in a matter of months.  On the night of celebration for that moment when you are supposed to be turning more into an adult she makes a bad choice that we all have probably been guilty of before, she drives a bit drunk.  Listening to her radio station and hearing about the visibility of another planet she rolls the window down and stares to the stars.   Driving with no attention paid she flies through an intersection and smashes into a car carrying a family, she comes to and gets out of her car to see the terrible scene that remains.  Bam! 4 years later she is leaving jail or prison or whatever they were keeping her in she is getting out.  At this point I cannot even imagine what her mental state is, I know that I would be so devastated and depressed.  She most definitely is of course and tries to get back on her feet as best she can.  She gets a job as a janitor at a high school and of course it sucks but what is she is going to do!?  Well this is what she is going to do, she is going to track down the man that survived the car crash and invade his life.  She sees that he was once a great composer professor and had a family and la la so sad now because all he does now is invite hookers over and drink whiskey.  I don't understand why that part of it is never really addressed.  This movie largely for me was about depression and how some people try to over come it.  She tries to repay her debts in a way, by cleaning his house and trying to make him happy.  She goes too far though, she creates this bond with him and they have sexual relations.  At this point I felt she had broken my trust as a strong female character, I was so mad she had sex with him because it was the worst thing she could have done and she should have known that.  But also that adds to why the movie stands out so much.  What I have left out about the story is that there is a contest that if you win you get to visit Earth Two, a supposed mirror planet with people that are us living on it.  Rhonda, the main character, sends her essay about how she is a felon and has nothing to lose but is also super smart so she is perfect.  She wins but then reveals to John the man who's family she killed that she is leaving and he is so sad because they had sex and she cleans his house and she doesn't even take his money and now he loves her.  Mmm when I put it that way it is not so romantic or dramatic as it is in the film, but that is essentially what happens.  She can't hold it in any longer and lets him know she killed the only people he loved in his life and now she is the thing he is trying to love.  He is mad and crazy and she then realizes that there is a wrinkle, there was a shift of time and the planets sync-ness was messed up so his wife and kids could be on the other planet!  She gives him her winning ticket to Earth 2 to go find his family.  Months later she is walking home and turns to the back door and sees who...herself!  The END!

The fact that she saw her self meant that John made it and sent herself back to Earth 1 to tell her what the hell happened.  The amount of sci-fi aspects in this movie were very small, but I indeed really enjoyed this movie.  It reminded me of what it might have been like if this were to happen in say 1983, when maybe it would have been harder to cover up as to today.  I really enjoyed the main female character being a skinny very quiet woman, the amount of pauses and awkward-ness really added to the feel of the film.  I feel a movie is successful when it makes me believe in the characters and I felt like I knew these characters. 

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