Monday, December 9, 2013

Entity Being

The year is 1992 in northern Idaho, for the past hundreds of years a secluded Native American family has been making illegal alcohol in the mountains and selling it to people around the northern United States area and Canada.  The oldest daughter, Koen, has been learning how to make the alcohol her whole life along side her sister, KaNee.  They are learning from their grandmother who is the sole caretaker for them.  The rest of their family have fallen victim to accidents that occurred while making the illegal alcohol and in other various accidents. It is up to the grandmother Nari, to teach the family trade to the only remaining off-spring and to earn money to support them. Nari's whole life has been surrounded by the creation of this alcohol that goes by the name Trace-Maker, she travels to check points placed throughout the forests and valleys to communicate with other people. Their family is very isolated and relies on each other heavily to survive, why their family is so isolated is not known to the two girls. Nari has been hiding them in the mountains away from society in hopes that they will continue the family tradition, but also to keep them safe from the rest of the world because they are descendents of an ancient tribe that is endangered of being erased by the ever growing technological world. The existence of advancements in technology are not what threatens the family, Nari has certain knowledge about Trace-Maker and if it falls into the wrong hands it could mean big problems for other families and communities like theirs.
Koen is a 15 year old Native American girl from northern Idaho, she is about 5' 3” and 110 lbs with a slender build, she has thick dark hair cut into blunt bangs above her eyes and feathers off around her shoulders in no controlled way. She has a favorite jean jacket she wears that has different patches all over it like a billboard of her personality. Her sister's name is KaNee, she is 13 years old and about 5'6” and 130 lbs, she is taller and stronger than her older sister, her hair is formed into different sized dreadlocks and is shaved short in the back. The two have spent a lot of time in the forests and mountains of the area so are very active. Their grandmother Nari is in her early seventies, is about 5 feet tall and 100 lbs, she is relatively small but very strong physically. Her hair is mostly all gray and white tied back into three braids that go down her back. The house they live in is only accessible by foot or horse back, the house itself is interesting because it has many hidden passages throughout it that lead to other rooms or are simply short cuts. The house was created to be confusing for anybody who may break in or stumble upon it would not be able to get to every space easily. The two girls do not even know about all of the hidden spaces in and around their property.
While all of their other family have died in various different accidents, Koen and KaNee were lucky enough to play different roles in the creation of Trace-Maker that were not as dangerous. Now that they are the only ones in their family left they are forced to be involved in the whole process. There are only three able bodies now, not counting their three horses and two goats that serve as transportation and a means of milk and cheese. They are not able to make as big of a batch of Trace-Maker as in the past with the help of more people so they are forced to create in smaller batches. Trace-Maker is illegal because it puts people in a trance like state that can create lucid dreams, but since it is unregulated it can be dangerous if not made correctly and some people never recover from the trance. The people that never recover from the trance are thought to be forever trapped in their first lucid dream environment and are unable to obtain control of it, whatever idea or thing that they created now evolves into their surroundings. Their physical body remains in a sleeping state but the hair all over their body starts to grow continuously until they die, so their eye lashes for example may be four feet long or longer depending on how long they are alive in the sleep state. Not many people live long in the sleep state because it is expensive to take care of them and no one has ever recovered from it so it is seemed to be non-reversible. The main market of people that buy Trace-Maker are very rich people because it is rare and hard to find. Trace-Maker brewers drop off their batches at check points where another person picks it up to travel to another check point where another person will pick it up and eventually sell, the partners never see each other in order to conceal it's secrecy, the money is exchanged in the same way.
The story begins three years after the most recent death of the family; the girl's aunt Lata died in a kidnapping indecent where she was forced to drink faulty Trace-Maker that forced her into the sleep trance forever and her body was never found. The three left have spent the last three years very quietly in attempts to avoid harassment from the same people who kidnapped Lata. Nari believes in her heart that Lata is not dead but lost in her dream state and has an idea of how to communicate with her. There are a lot of things Nari has not told Koen and KaNee but with the current events she feels this may be their only hope of keeping their culture alive. Nari has a secret room that is accessible through a passage way inside of her bathroom mirror only able to open at 3:05pm of each day. Inside the hidden room are various objects and personal things, one of which is a special Trace-Maker recipe book. Inside the book there is a recipe called Maker-Trace, if one drinks enough Maker-Trace it is possible to see things the naked-sober eye cannot, one of those things are the people who are trapped in their sleep states. The people in their sleep state that are trapped in their lucid environment take on whatever form they were in at the moment that they could not come back into the sober-world. The major draw back of Maker-Trace is that the amount needed is large and at which point whomever has consumed that amount will also be drunk. Nari has to make a decision about what to do now that she presumed to be the only living being with this knowledge and recipe of Maker-Trace; does she attempt to find Lata alone, although the process needed to make the drink is very dangerous to do alone, or does she involve her grandchildren even though it is highly dangerous and meant to remain a secret for the fear that if the recipe were to fall into the wrong hands all hell would break lose with it's power.
Nari decides that she is getting too old and weak to do this alone, she needs Koen and KaNee to help her but what she does not expect is that the girls will take over the task of controlling the effects Maker-Trace. Nari spends time teaching them how to make it and drink it safely, it is all in moderation. Koen and KaNee learn at an early age what it is like to be highly intoxicated by consuming Maker-Trace, like everyone's first drunk experience mistakes are made. Over time and many, many days of drinking the alcohol Koen and KaNee learn how to drink enough that both of them simultaneously will be able to be in the right state to search for their aunt Lata. They travel throughout the area guided by sober Nari as their sober-world protector searching for clues and directions of where Lata may be or what really happened to her.

This idea for a science fiction film is meant to focus on the idea of culture and information being passed on by generations and that generations can exist in different states of mind and body that can be controlled by a substance but it has yet to be controlled ideally. One action produces another and finding the sweet spot that will create a desired outcome is the trick, this idea strives to find the sweet spot of communication.

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