Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Primer Primer Primer, once I started this movie I knew there were going to be moments where I sighed in a way that meant "oh god, really?".  The main characters wear the same outfit the whole movie and I know that is a stupid thing to point out but now I will forever think of an engineer only being able to wear a white button up shirt with a tie and some lame pants.  Their real lives are so boring and routine that they "accidentally" come create a time machine.

They make this time machine that is able to take them back just about a day so they can do easy money making tricks with this ability and that is what they do.  What is funny about this movie is that the whole focus is just on the men, the women that are married to these men are never really given a moment to develop a character and the men rarely talk about the women except for the plan to take the bullets out of the shot gun.  They grow so confident that they end up killing versions of themselves.  But what does the future hold for them? What could they possibly do?  How can they live "normal" lives?  They decide to split and I think it is for the best.  They may be friends and have each other's trust but what is most important to their lives are very different. 

Ultimately that is what I think breaks them up the most. The fact that they want different things  in life and that continuing the time travel just means more and more confusion and problems.  This movie was good in the sense that is seems probable of what could happen if this machine was created in current times.  The way the character talked way so confusing that I stated just tuning it out and relying on images and body language to see what was trying to be communicated.  The speech adds to the reality of the situation and the way friends would talk to each other.  Overall not my favorite movie but it deserves some respect.

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