Monday, December 2, 2013


Trekkies is a documentary about the various lives of Star Trek fans and how the series has extremely impacted their lives.  This film was so much more enjoyable than Fanboys, this was the truth about the culture that is Trekkies or Trekkers. 

The documentary showed some really interesting people and ways that they express their love of Star Trek.  Among my favorite was the woman in the picture above, she became "famous" by wearing her Star Trek costume while sitting as a juror and she likes to go by the Commander.  She eat, sleeps, and breathes Star Trek and you can tell just by looking at her because she will always have something Star Trek themed on.  Maybe its a superstition type of thing but many of the people in the documentary compared wearing their Star Trek themed costumes and attire to other people wearing football jerseys or any sports logo/brand/mascot.  This aspect totally changed the way I look at fanatics.  They are simply representing something they feel strongly about and nobody should be judged for that as long as it's all in fun and no body is being negatively effected.  These fanatics take Star Trek and make it their lives, Gabriel Koerner was the boy who made his own animations of Star Trek fandom ships.  This boy was by far one of the most clever fans, he knew exactly what he liked and was proud of it.  Some people may think that fanatics are nerds, socially awkward, and never leave their homes but the people in the film were all very different and comfortable in their own skin.  The Denis Bourguignon Family had turned their Dentist office into a Star Trek themed experience and all of the staff wore Star Trek themed uniforms.  I thought that was a hilarious and great idea for a business to put another perspective on going to the dentist.

I feel that it is not wrong to take ideas and themes from a film or series or any creative writing story etc. and turn the characters into something the viewer wants to see.  For example the group of women that propose a homosexual relationship among two of the Star Trek main captains.  I love this idea because it's something that I do in my head while watching films, is to create a spin-off story that I would like to see rather than just what is visible on screen.  It adds depth to the story and makes it more relate able to the viewer personally.  If you don't want people to steal your characters then you shouldn't put them out for the public to see. 

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